Granite Countertops

Tips for Installing Granite Countertops

Installing granite countertops is a terrific way of updating a kitchen or bath, but the process can be daunting to the do-it-yourselfer. Detailed planning is crucial in order to get the most professional look possible, from choosing the type of granite countertops in Michigan that best suits your kitchen to accurately measuring to insure proper fit.

To get your granite countertops makeover off on the right foot, take a look a these valuable tips to get you started.

Determine your budget.

Contractor grade granite and common colors that are easily available are less expensive than unusual colors and top of the line stone. Also, remember that small samples do not always appear the same in large form. Be sure to look at entire slabs before making a final decision.

Granite Countertops

Plan your granite countertops installation.

Create a relationship with your local stone fabricators. Because granite is heavy, it is difficult to transport. Plus, it must be cut with tools that are made for granite. Granite is preferred because of its hardness, but it can crack or break when handled carelessly. Granite can be installed with different edging styles such as beveled, mitered, and bull-nosed. Plus, you will want to consider the counter overhang and backsplash.

Measure carefully.

There are several methods of measuring for granite countertops installation. Install your cabinets first, if they are not already installed. Make sure the walls are square. Next, using Kraft paper or similar material, create a template of your countertop, making sure to carefully account for the sink and any other cuts or offsets in the the granite.

Prepare your cabinets for granite installation.

It is essential to be sure your base cabinets are level and ready to hold the weight of the granite. It is often a good idea to create a base of plywood to the tops of the cabinets to hold the weight of the granite. Cut the plywood even with the front of the cabinet face so it will not show.

Granite Countertops Installation.

Dry-fit the granite to guarantee proper fit. Place the granite onto the cabinet frames. If there are areas that are not quite flush and require modification, use a dry-cut diamond blade with an electric grinder and carefully shave the edge until you reach the desired fit.

Join the seams. 

Tape the edges of the granite for added protection and then join the seams with two-part epoxy, which is available at the fabrication shop. Then tighten the screws of a seam-setter just until resistance is felt to ensure that the edges remain flush until the epoxy is set. Remove epoxy residue with a razor blade.

Attach granite and cabinets. 

Attach you new granite countertop to the cabinets with a bead of acrylic caulk long the underside of the perimeter of the counter. The weight of the stone will normally keep the stone in place, but the caulk will safeguard against the stone sliding about.

Seal the granite. 

Once granite countertops installation is complete, finish your job by applying a granite sealer. Wipe it onto the surface with a soft cloth and allow to dry for 24 hours.

That’s it. With a little extra effort you can install your own granite countertops and enjoy a professional job at a relatively low cost.

Top Ten Tools You Need For All Your Wood Shop Projects

Top Ten Tools You Need For All Your Wood Shop Projects

Bewildered by table saw reviews and extension table advice sites? Are you just looking for the simple secret to those must-have tools for your woodworking projects? Today, we’re looking at the 10 best tool investments the woodworker can make.

  • Circular Saw
  • Drill
  • Jigsaw
  • Table Saw
  • Compound Mitre Saw
  • Router
  • Chisels
  • Moisture Meter
  • Clamps
  • Tool Storage System

Circular Saw

Circular SawAh, the circular saw. Where would any woodworking project be without the best table saw you can afford? Of course, if you can’t afford one, the circular saw will step into the breach. It’s versatile, and an essential basic for any project. If you’re working with a budget, then make this your top power tool priority.


DrillAnother obvious choice in the range of powered tools. Whether you choose a cordless drill or a corded one is up to you, but corded drills draw more power and cost less. Be sure to consider what your woodworking needs are, and pick the smart drill for you. As with table saw reviews, drill reviews will help you.

Jigsaw and Table Saw

Jigsaw and Table SawJigsaws will allow you to cut circular or curved patterns, and are a must for most fine woodworking. The best table saw you can but will prove an invaluable addition to your arsenal, and will be the very epicentre of your craft space.

Compound Mitre Saw and Router

Compound Mitre Saw and RouterWhile still not as important as that perfect table saw [why not check out some table saw reviews to assist you with that purchase] the mitre saw will allow you greater versatility on compound angles and will eventually come to replace the circular saw on many tasks. A high quality router, whether mounted to a router table or not, will make another fine power tool investment for your wood shop.

But it’s not all about power tools!

While getting the best table saw and making the right peripheral power tool choices is vital, your wood shop doesn’t start and end with electricity. Some of the most vital tools you will use are simple, basic manual tools that any wood shop has.

chiselsHigh quality chisels are a must, even if you aren’t doing fine woodworking. You will need them for clearing channels and cuts. Invest in a quality set of varying sizes- you won’t be sorry. A moisture meter may not be a simple a tool, but it’s an invaluable one if you will be working with many species of wood. Make sure you can set the wood species, and if possible invest in a quality non-pin option. Clamps are some of the simplest woodworking tools you will own, but no project would get off the ground without them. Again, choose quality in a range of types and sizes for an investment you won’t regret. Lastly, while there are many way to accomplish the same thing, make sure you choose a quality tool storage system- whether it’s an easily accessible pegboard or a great multi-layer toolbox, it will be vital to protect your investments properly.

Woodworking is a rewarding hobby, and nothing will make it more rewarding then making the right choice of quality investments so your hobby can become your passion without the frustration of having poor quality and inaccurate tools. When making big ticket purchases, be sure to use table saw reviews and other resources to help you choose.

7 Top Tips on Hiring a Locksmith

car locksmith in Vegas


Sooner or later you will find yourself in a situation where you have locked yourself inside or outside your car, house or business premises. At such situation you might end up being confused on what to do to get out of the problem. The best option you have is to call a locksmith to assist you get out of the situation as fast as possible. A locksmith is a professional who can help you if your key is broken inside the lock, lost your keys, lock is damaged and many others problems that might compromise your security and that of your property. There are many locksmiths in your area all claiming to offer the best services, but this is not the case. It is important to ensure that you have a highly qualified and reputable locksmith who you can call when you face such locksmith problems.


Car locksmiths

A car locksmith will help you solve any problem with your car. They will offer you car locksmith services such as car lockout services if you have locked yourself inside your car, key replacements, car door unlocking, ignition repairs, key extraction/replacement, remote programming, transponder keys, trunk and door lock repair. A good car locksmith will provide the above services without causing any damage to your car.

Commercial locksmiths

Commercial locksmiths will ensure that your business premises or any other commercial property. They will offer locksmith services to small, medium and large businesses. They offer all services ranging from security audit, key cutting, installation of keyless entry systems, emergency repairs, installation of security systems, surveillance cameras, keyless entry systems and advise on how to maintain security of your premises.

Hiring a locksmith

You cannot entrust your property to any locksmith you come across in the market. You have to take time to ensure that you hire the best. Here are 7 tips on Hiring a Locksmith.

  1. Check reviews

Check the reviews provided by past clients about the different locksmiths in your area. This will ensure you do not get an expert who is untrustworthy. By checking the reviews, you will know the one with highest number of positive reviews.

  1. Consider the cost

Look for a locksmith who charges the most affordable price for the services offered. Avoid the cheapest ones or the ones who will ask you to make upfront payment because they might end up being scams. In addition, hire a locksmith who provides quotation with the entire costs of the services offered to avoid hidden costs that might inconvenience you at the end of the project.

  1. Hire an experienced locksmith

Before you enter into any agreement with a locksmith, ask them the number of years they have been working in this industry. Only hire a locksmith with more than five years offering car or commercial locksmith services.

  1. Is the locksmith insured?

This is a question you must ask your potential locksmith. You should work with a locksmith with a liability insurance cover. This ensures that you are protected from any damage or injuries that might arise in the process. You have peace of mind because you know that you do not incur extra costs in case of such occurrences.

  1. Hire a locksmith who offers 24/7 services

You cannot predict when you will face a locksmith problem. You can face the problem at any time even at midnight. This is why it is important to hire a locksmith who offers their services on 24/7 basis. With such a locksmith, you are guaranteed that you they will be available and accessible any time of the day or night when you have a locksmith problem.

  1. Do they belong to any professional community?

It is advisable to work with a locksmith who belongs to one of the professional locksmith communities. This shows that they are committed and dedicated to offering high quality locksmith services to clients. In addition, this is an assurance that you are working with a reputable locksmith who is well versed with current trends and technology in the industry.

  1. Check their license

To avoid being scammed or falling victim of unscrupulous locksmiths, you must check that your potential locksmith has a valid operating license from the relevant authorities. By doing this, you have peace of mind because you know that for any issue that might arise, you are working with a locksmith who is recognized by the authorities.



Tips On How To Repair That Leaky Roof

Locating the issue may also be one of the most challenging facet of roof repair, although early diagnosis of roof leaks may be the key to preventing severe roof damage. It is to avoid costly problems in the future and also the initial step, it’s really a job you have to take. In the minimum, if you like the flow to disappear, you have to decide its underlying cause. Look for any lost, curled, or damaged tiles (leaks also arise where tiles bottom together).

As well as for great reason—asphalt tiles are tough light, appealing, and valued effectively when compared with competitive roofing materials.

Some asphalt shingles are produced using the latest developments in climate- and wind- long-lasting, and weight, fire protection performance, also the very best of these can form problems with time. Plus, asphalt shingles create the indicators of the severe roofing issue easily noticeable.
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If you learn that the top is leaking—most probably apparent by water spots around the ceiling—note the leak’s area. Turn to see if you will find missing tiles, or any curled, damaged. Leaks may appear at any stage where tiles bottom, or where flashing and caulking have been compromised. End caps, the tent-shaped tiles that address the angular mountains of the top, may also be the origin of leaks check these as well.

If you learn shingle issues (that you may do in the floor having a great set of binoculars), repairs might be a simple fix. Curled-back tiles, for instance, could be re-secured by discovering its similar substance in pipes to be used having a caulk gun or cleaning on the layer of concrete roofing cement. Then press to create. Note: Tiles could be more flexible in the sunshine than when it’s cool, therefore consider that element when solving problems.
Roofing contractor
If shingles are damaged, absent or bad, changing them might be another easy repair (provided you’ve the replacement shingles). To get rid of, raise the sides of the nearby tiles and carefully remove nails having a pry bar. The shingle should slip out when the claws are eliminated. Clean the deposit concrete away from degree and the top or remove protruding nails.

Around the back edges having a utility knife before you try to change a brand new shingle. This can make it easier for the shingle really to slip underneath the one above and arrange it with these on either side. Raise the edges of the overlapping tiles after you have it in place and secure the the top of new alternative with 6d galvanized roofing nails. Make sure to secure with claws in each place. Last, easy down the overlapping shingle edges and address the nail heads with top concrete.
Use a brand new fresh layer having a putty knife if you notice harm to bones previously covered using a type of top cement.

If you discover that shingles come in the top quickly, or if you should be changing a line of tiles, it might be time to call-in a specialist roofing to examine the problem. Location repairs won’t increase the life span of the top looking for alternative.



To get a free quote for roofing grand rapids mi Also servicing Holland or Wyoming check out Premier Roofing Experts.

Top Roofing Tips Tp Repair Most Roofs

A leaky roof poses huge problems if you’re homeowner. A leaky roof poses huge problems if you’re at home owner  First of all water damage can build up over time and cause even more damage but not every roof requires someone to come out and take a look at your house that’s right below are a bunch of tips that are recommended if you’re going to do your own roof repair and save a little money while you’re at it. Below is an article that specializes in do it yourself roof repair and installation.


Think Safety First

Fussing to try and find a leak as soon as it happens is something that could put you in the hospital. Meddling on a roof while it’s raining or covered with ice and snow isn’t the ideal way to find a leak. Trying to temporarily fix a leak could be highly dangerous. If you want to do it right, there is no quick-fix. Just take your time, and be very patient and careful to wait for Mother Nature to give you the green light.

Take Precautions

Being on a roof will put the body in positions that are not comfortable or safe. Make sure to wear rubber sole shoes to prevent slipping. Also use a harness and always work with a buddy.

Spray the Roof

Take a garden hose and go up to the roof and start spraying in different locations to find the leak. Wait if it’s wintertime because it’s not safe to run water on the roof when it’s freezing out.

Keep Gutters Clean

One of the most common areas and causes for roof leaks are clogged gutters. Gutters that have not been cleaned can cause the water to build up during rain.

Avoid Dry Rot

Dry rot isn’t related to any type of water damage, but lack of ventilation. If a roof repair is right in the middle of the roof, there is a chance that the plywood might be deteriorating. The roof will actually sag in and cause the roof shingles to get brittle, crack and then leak. Preventing dry rot consists of installing a ridge vent, which will only work if there is a soffit vent. Holes have to be drilled through the soffit vents so cool air comes in through the bottom and pushes the hot air out through the top.

Prevent Ice Buildup

In the wintertime, ice has no problem building up under the roof membrane, shingles and gutters. The ice builds back up when it reaches the wall line where the house is heated and it creates an interior drip. Proper ventilation, rain and ice shields along with installing a drip edge will help prevent this problem.

Fix Roof Boots

Flashing, roofing, ice damping and skylights are all obvious places for potential leaks. One thing people often miss is the rubber boots. It’s where the roof fence comes up that you find roof boots. If they dry up they will cause major leaks. It’s a quick fix; purchase a new roof boot in a local hardware store. You may have to remove some of the shingles, lay a better tar under it and put it back in place.

Inspect Materials

Sometimes shingles are faulty and will begin to crack after they’ve been nailed down. Faulty installation with nails and shingles can also play a big part in leaks. Nails could be nailed too low and it will start pushing back up. Make sure to always check merchandise before getting on the roof.

Check Valleys

A valley is where the intersection of two roofs comes together. It is also called the ridge, which is again where two roofs meet at the top. Valleys are very common places for leaks because that’s where the water from the entire roof goes to and it will start sloshing back and forth.

Eliminate Leaks

It’s important not to get discouraged when a leak can’t be found. It’s a process of elimination. You’ve covered one area, installed the shingles back and sealed it watertight so at least one spot is eliminated. Now, you can try other areas.

For more additional tips check out the video below:

  As you can see the above tips offer a great resource if you’re going to do it yourself and think  task is overwhelming to do alone, we strongly suggest you hire a professional roofing company to at least give you a free estimate. Most companies will come to your location and take a look at the damage. They then will give you a quote on what the roof repair will cost. We also suggest you get a couple of other quotes to make sure that you are getting a good deal. Any other tips that we missed please let us know!
Hybrid Table Saw

Choosing a Hybrid Table Saw for Home Construction Project

The best table saw might be different for each person, however as long as you are safe enough you will be able to find something that fits your unique needs. Such tool is a very useful one, both for simple DIY jobs or even to make major household repairs. Learn more about its variants, usage modes and other tips.

The table saws at your workshop.

DIY enthusiasts, sooner or later, ended up doing with a table saw for simple work. But, we know how to use it and distinguish it in its different versions? If the answer is no, here we have the information you need.

Types of saws

The table saw is a machine equipped with a motor that spins the blade, which comes from having teeth cut material. Generally, this type of saw incorporate a removable water to be essential to the accomplishment of work clean and perfect.

Hybrid Table Saw

Which table saw to choose for your workshop?

Our recommendation to your small workshop is to have a table saw that does not need to be so professional, after all you will only be doing small house repairs. If we want to do a solid work and strong, maybe we’re interested in opting for more machines that can be more expensive.

Before you buy a circular saw, we recommend that you consider the constant offerings normally found in this type of tool. You should visit more than one place and compare products and prices.

If you’re going to get little use, without needing to become too powerful, with a saw, but a simple tool, make sure you do not spend hundreds. That is, we must be attentive to the offers, since we can find the same product in almost half the price in a centre on the other. You should find yourself the best table saw without the need to spend too much.

How to actually use the table saw?

Before starting the cut like crazy, we must consider some tips.

First, you have to adjust the output of the disk so that, once started, you will have no issues with the cut that will be provided. The cutting angle is essential for the pieces that weave. The most usual is completely straight cuts, but sometimes you should do other types of cuts. Make sure you are careful while cutting or even trying to cut with strange angles. Also make sure your table saw does not move, that way you will avoid accidents.

Know table saw safety!

The security measures are essential for this job and others who do DIY. Therefore, we must wear glasses and never ignore safety concepts.

Whenever the saw is running, we hold it with both hands, and if we have to manipulate it to someone for example, to change or adjust the saw, make sure the machine is always off.

As we can see, the circular saw is a very practical and safe, as long as we have in mind the points that count. Are you ready to get your own best table saw?

Why wooden table lamps?

Why wooden table lamps?

If making a county or traditional look for your home is what you’re looking for, wooden table lamps can be a proper addition to your home to get that perfect look you’re trying to achieve. There are many options to choose from that focus on the color, space available, and the right highlight that you need for your room. If you have a modern style home, you can bring a trace of the traditional style to an open space in the room that may use for a subtle change to bring out a creative flow. With the right table lamp and some imagination, you can make a room look amazing. With the right choice in table, you can produce a sense of class and sophistication with no trouble at all.

You can make an area in the room that can be a perfect place to relax after a difficult day at work. With the use of a small artistic water fountain and a fitting table lamp, you can get that tranquilizing place that can make all the difference. When you place your wooden table lamp on an outstandingly oval table in a part of a room, it can really draw the eye to its charm. No matter if it is made of maple, oak, butternut, red-birch, walnut or cherry, how you place it can make all the difference. If you want more of an antique or traditional style, you should choose a more of a darker type. To get that semi-modern look, you may select a lighter shade of lamp.

Why wooden table lamps?

There are advantages to wooden table lamps compared to other popular lamps. Brass lamps can easily fade, while wooden lamps don’t fade that easy. Dust also tends to show up more on ceramic lamps than on wood lamps. Therefore, wood table lamps need very little maintenance; just a dusting from day to day will help them last for a very long time.

Another advantage to having a wood lamp is that if it does fade it can easily be re-varnished that gives it a new look which applies to any wood. Plus wooden table lamps are less likely to break than ceramic table lamps.

If you enjoy crafts, then building your own wooden table lamp is an exciting option. When you do it yourself, you can pick the color and the style that suits you. It’s a real opportunity to get the family together and make something the whole family can be proud of. Do it yourself lamps are a great gift to give for almost all occasions that can use a special touch.